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You are very welcome to Checkmate Fight Club Fitness Center Malta


We hope you enjoy your time with us.  We will help you choose the lessons that are best for your needs and level of experience. If at any stage during your training you wish to join us in any other class please feel free to communicate you issues to our head coach and he will lead you accordingly.

We highly recommend that you follow our Facebook page here you can keep yourself updated at all times regarding lessons, upcoming events and seminar etc.

For one to one private training kindly contact us to arrange a time and date, we will create a program that is dedicated for your goals. Just speak to us for further details and pricing.


We want you to feel welcome at our club and value any suggestions you can give us. We are also happy to answer and assist you in any queries you may have. Please feel free to contact us by filling in the form below.

Thank you and enjoy training.

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Where to find us:

Address: De La Salle College,

               St Edwards street


Contact: Head Coach

Mobile:   356 99971385

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