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Checkmate Fitness Center  Gym Rules

1. Bow to the centre of the mats when you enter and exit the Dojo.​

2. Always remove shoe and flip flops before entering on the mats.

​3. Come to class on time.

​4. Always seek permission from your instructor when leaving the mats area.

5. No food and chewing gum are allowed in the Dojo.

6. No drinks are allowed on the mats.

7. Take care of your personal hygiene and keep your nails as short as possible.

8. Wash your uniform after every use.

9. If you have any cuts or bruises tape them up.

10. Earrings and all body piercings are prohibited.


11. Bad language is prohibited.

12. Never use strength while doing techniques or training with your buddy.

13. No sparring is allowed without the permission of the Sensei.

14. Respect your training partner so you get respected back.

15. Be attentive when the instructor is speaking or teaching.

16. Keep honest and respectful at all times.

17. Anything learn`t at this Dojo / Gym is never to be used outside our doors. 

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