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News from Checkmate

Jiu-Jitsu Training camp at Maestro Nas Alganga BJJ UK


bjj training camp in UK.jpg

On the 8th October four students - Aleandro , Rowen , Sean and Iyvin and the head coach of Checkmate fight club Malta Sensei Charlo Spiteri went in an awesome jiu-jitsu training camp in Nas Alganga BJJ UK with a small group of experienced students in Jiu-Jitsu. The training camp consist in physical training, jiu-jitsu techniques and no-gi sparring.

Both GYM`s are happy with the performance of both students in this training camp.

An awesome results in Grappling competition held in Malta.



We wish to congratulate four of our students who took part in a local No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu competition this morning. We won 3 fights out of 4. Gabriel, Dejan, Ryan and Cihad we are proud of you. Keep up the work!!

We also wish to thank the Maltese organizers for inviting us and for the time they took to organize such a good event.

Ending 2021 with a good note.


Ending the year on a positive note. Today we had a total of 8 newly graded yellow belts. This is the first achievement in Traditional Jiu-Jitsu for these students. Keep your feet on the mats and keep rolling the more you take training seriously the more positive achievements you will get.


This was the last lesson for this year and will get back to normal on Monday 3rd January.

We wish all our students and followers a Merry Christmas and a year full of health and happiness.

Grading jiujitsu

Wins and more Wins !!!


Our athletes acheived great results in this evening's MMA event. We have no words that can describe how proud we are of the imapacable performance that all of our 3 students had during their fights.

Our first win for the night was done by Iyvin, winning with an outstanding rear naked chock in the first 20sec of the first round.

Secondly Mark did and great fight winning his fight with autonomous decision and hance the majority of the pionts were awarded to him.

Last but not least Aleandro gave an excellent performance against his opponent however his fight was stopped during the last seconds of the second round by the referee. Aleandro was still strong and performing perfectly when the referee desided to stop the match.

A huge well done goes to Ivyin Abdilla, Mark Bugeja, Aleandro Manicaro

Stay tuned for more!! You will surely see our fighters fight again in the near future.

aleandro mma mma jpg
Mark Bugeja.jpg
Iyvin Abdilla.jpg

Well done to our students for new acheivements in traditional Jiu-Jitsu.


As our Jiu-Jitsu family expands; more of our students are being rewarded for their hard work and constant dedication towards this dicipline. Today 14 of our students got promoted to a higher belt in Traditional Jiu-Jitsu. These students successfully passed their grading exams and were promoted to their respective belt following constant training. The newly acheived belts range from yellow to green belt.

We wish to let our students know that we are so proud of all of them. Also we wish to encourage them to keep working hard to acheive more success and experiance in Traditional Jiu-Jitsu. It is our greatest pleasure to see so many young people getting interested in an art that has been passed on for many generations and changed the lives of many.

Let`s continue growing together!!

Jiu-jitsu classes Malta .jpg

A Successful BJJ Seminar From Professor Nas Alganga


A huge achievment in BJJ, eight students from our GYM were promoted in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu ( BJJ ) from the artist of Jiu-Jitsu Professor Nas Alganga. Our Professor came to visit us on 18th August 2021 and held a BJJ seminar at our GYM, during which the below mentioned students were promoted to Blue belt. 

Mr Mark Bugeja

Mr Jesse Micallef

Mr Andrea Scicluna

Mr Gabriel Caruana

Mr Dejan Briffa

Mr Aiden Cauchi

Mr Sean Borg

Mr Aleandro Manicaro

Another step forward in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu ( BJJ ) 

Welldone All.

Grading Exams in Traditional Jiu-jitsu


Our Jiu-Jitsu family is growing and becoming more experienced on the 27th of October, eleven students from Checkmate fight club Malta succefully passed their grading examinations with flying colours in Traditional Jiu-Jitsu, following months of practice.

Graded to Green Belt in Traditional Jiu-Jitsu - Andrea Scicluna - Aleandro Manicaro - Clive Cauchi - Aiden Cauchi and Jesse Micallef 

Graded to Orange Belt in Traditional Jiu-Jitsu - Mark Bugeja 

Graded to Yellow Belt in Traditional Jiu-Jitsu - Nicole Mifsud - Mariah Camilleri - Ephrayel Azzopardi - Andrea Attard and Rowen Reed 


We are proud of you well done and keep moving forward.



Jiu-jitsu gradings exams

Returning to Contact Sports


We are happy to announce that as from 1 July we can start training as normal. Contact sport will be allowed again!!

All those clients who had their packages with our Club suspended due to Covid-19, please note that these will be resumed automatically as from 1 July.


We will stick to the regulations and guidlines issued by the health authories to safe guard our clients` health, so please we encourge that as clients you also stick to these new measures.

If you wish to join any of our sessions we highly recommand that you book in advance to avoid any disappointments. Bookings can be done trough our Facebook Page.

 Latest Covid-19 Update


We are so overwhelmed with the huge number of messages and calls that we received, following the government's release of measures regarding fitness training. However we are still not in a position to open the gym since contact sport is still prohabited. We feel it safer for our students to wait a few more days before we meet to train again. Please follow our page for more updates. Hope to see you soon. In the meantime keep fit and stay safe.

covid-19 malta.jpg

Zero Losses


clive mma

Our Clive Cauchi added another spectacular win to his record yesterday. Clive was on the 11th fight of the night and won his match by submission after giving a wonderful show from standup as well as grappling. We are very proud to say that our fighter now holds a record of 1 win - 0 losses at Semi-Pro and 2 wins - 0 losses at Pro level. 


We wish thank Centurion fighting Championship for the professional event that they held,and the fights where well matched to give a great show to the spectators. Last but not least we wish to thank all those who supported Clive a specially our assistant couch Vince Galea for the time he invested in our fighter, Jesse Micallef and all our students.

Let's look forward for a great future for our warrior!!

Tapology History:

Clive cauchi mma malta

Unuri fil-grappling barra minn xtutna


Is- 7 ta` Lulju 2019 kienet gurnata ohra mimlija unuri ghal l-istudenti ta Checkmate. F`Tournament li sar f`Ruma fil-Grappling l-istudenti tghana gew onorati bi tlett medalji tad-dehb, 4 medalji tal-fidda u medalija tal-bronze.F`dan it-tornew hadu sehem fost l-aqwa atleti minn madwar id-dinja fl-isport tal-Jiu-Jitsu u Grappling. 


Clyde Grech, Jolie Galea u Dejan Briffa kisbu medalija tad-dehb.Filwaqt li Marilyn Micallef, Vince Galea u Alessandro Ragusa kisbu medalja tal-fidda. Minn naha l-ohra Sean Borg kisseb medalja tal-Bronze wara biss ftit aktar min sena ta tahrig f`din id-dixxiplina.


Aleandro Manicaro ilu student taht Checkmate ghal madwar sentejn gibed l-ghajn tan-nies f`din il-kompetizzjioni ghal fatt li ghandu biss 18 il-sena u dahal fil- `Absolute Category` (f` din il-katergorija huwa ha sehem ma atleti li jkollom esperjenza kbira fosthom ghandek il- Black Belts, din il-kategorja hija open weight). L-atleta Malti afronta atleta Taljan il` fuq min 15 il-sena esperjenza fil-Jiu-Jitsu.Ghawnhekk Alleandro ma rebahx il-konfornt tieghu  bi ftit punti imma kellu prestazjoni mill-aqwa.


Il-head Coach Charlo Spiteri ikkompeta taht il-Master Division meta kien baqalu ftit secondi ghar-rebha tieghu huwa safa imwegga u ma setghax ikompli jikompeti, izda kuntent hafna bir-rizultat ta` l-istudenti tieghu. Huwa xorta ta` is-support kollu tieghu lil l-atleti tieghu u baqa` jmexxihom sa l-ahhar.


Charlo Spiteri jixtieq jirringrazzja lit-team kollu ta` Checkmate tas-support taghhom u ta` l-ghajnuna kollha li jircivi minn ghandhom. Hija prijorita tal-club li jghati l-ghajnunu kollha mehtiega lil l-istudenti tieghu,halli jkomplu jahdmu u jatu l-almu taghhom sabiex ikomplu igibu l-unuri lejn pajjizna u jtellghu l-bandiera Maltija `l fuq fil-Jiu-Jitsu u l-MMA. 

Dejan and Danilson Grappling Malta

Dejan Briffa 1st place

Jolie Galea Grappling Malta

Jolie Galea 1st Place

Clyde and Sean Grappling Malta

Clyde Grech 1st Place - Sean Borg 3rd Place

Marilyn Micallef Grappling Malta

Marilyn Micallef 2nd Place

With The Maltese Rugby League


We are happy that we had the opportunity to train with such a great Malta's rugby team.

malta rugby league_edited.jpg

Malta a step closer to the UFC


Checkmate Fight Club La Salle Malta will be travelling to Canada in the coming days; to represent our country in the top ranked MMA Professional Competitions in Canada, TKO MMA 45. Marilyn Micallef will be carrying the Maltese Flag on 7 December 2018 for the first time in Maltese history in an MMA Professional competition of this level.

Marilyn competed at semi-pro level in UK and always managed to make high achievements. She then made her Professional debut in Malta at Centurion Fighting Championship (CFCM).She now holds a pro record to 2-0-0. After her success, her Club was contacted by CFCM with the news that Marilyn was given the opportunity to take part in TKO45. With the help and support of Centurion Fighting Championship Malta she was offered a multi contract meaning that she will given more than one opportunity to fight in the said contest. 

Since this competition falls under the UFC America cap; this experience will open doors for Maltese athletes, putting us a step closer to rise the Maltese flag in the UFC. Her fight will be on UFC Fight Pass on 7 December 2018 more details to follow.


Grading in Jiu-Jitsu


Our Jiu-Jitsu family is growing in experience.

On 05 October 2018 3 of our students successfully completed their training and passed there grading examination and were awarded a higher belt.

Vince Galea   -Lower Brown Belt

Giles Ciantar  -Green Belt

Jolie Galea    -Orange Belt

We wish to say a big well done to our newly graded students.We are proud of you !!


Saturday Female Classes


Calling all women!!


Checkmate will start organising fitness classes for women from Saturday 6 October 2018.

These classes will be carried out from women to women and will consist of circuit training to reduce fat and tone the body.

For more information please feel free to contact us.


Saturday Lesson Timing Update


As from next Saturday 15 September lesson, will no longer be at 9.00am. Lessons on Saturday will be held from 1.30pm till 2.30pm

Boxing training.jpg

A Night To Remember


Yesterday`s Centurion Fight Championship event was one to remember for the Checkmate team!!! We are very proud to say that we won 4 fights out of 4.

To our fighters...We are honored to be on your team and are

looking forward the make more experiences and wins together.

Being one united team and always supporting each other gives

us the strength to always fight back. Huge well done to all of you !!!

Clive Cauchi, Steven Schmid, Marilyn Micallef.













We wish to thank Mark Anastasi for being in our corner during

Steven Schmid `s fight. We worked great together and assisted Steven

to win.


Finally we wish to thank our corner teams for their constant support in

preparing our fighters during worm up and being as corner men. Clyde

Grech, Giles Ciantar, Jonathan Gerada, Mark Bugeja and Danison. Last

but not least we wish to thank Vince Galea our Assistant couch for all the

time and dedicationhe gave to our fighters. One team one family !!!

Thank you to everyone who came to support the Maltese team yesterday,you also have a part in our fighters` wins.

Thank you and stay tuned for the next one !!!

A visit by Professor Nas Alganga

18 March 2018

We welcomed to our club professor Nas Alganga a black belt under Roger Gracie and IBJJF European Champion.Together with 2 of his students he did a very interesting lesson from which we all learnt a lot and was an exceptional experience for all of us.He also graded some of us in BJJ.

From now on our students can get their grading in BJJ from Professor Nas Alganga though Checkmate.Thankyou for your time Professor Nas Alganga we are looking forward for the next.

Seminar by Sensei John Sevasta

03 February 2018

We are honored to announce that Sensei John Sevasta (3 Dan Black belt in Jiu-Jitsu & 2 Dan Black belt in Judo) will  be giving a seminar at our Dojo on Saturday 24 February 2018 starting at 9:30am.

We shall be covering various Self defense techniques and selected Jiu-Jitsu and No-Gi techniques. This seminar is open for anyone of any fitness and training level aging 13 years and over. 

So join us for this event that will be an experience where one can have fun and learn new techniques from one of Malta`s veterans in this sport.  


To make this a better experience for you,we are limiting the number of students that we will be accepting,so early booking is highly recommended to avoid disappointments.

Our New Dojo Finally Open

28 November 2017

We opened our first club at La Salle Collage in Birgu 4 years ago and from then on Checkmate Fight Club continued to grow.Now 4 years later,after months of planning and preparation we are happy to announce that our new Dojo(still forming part of La Salle Collage) is finally open and ready for some serious training.

The new Checkmate Dojo measures up to 15 meters in length and 11 meters wide. We are now highly equipped with all the equipment required to train MMA. With the space that we have available, we can cater for much better physical training as well as sparring. Some  of the equipment we can mention are MMA cage,five punch bags,weights and much more.We still offer individual attention to our students and make sure they grow in this sport and reach their goals.

With packages starting from €135 for  3 months; we are more than sure that we have the right package for everyone who is willing to start training with us. Just feel free to contact us for more information.

Please see below a map of our new location at La Salle Collage which is only a 3 min walk away from our old Dojo.

Checkmate Fight Club is starting a new chapter for 2018,we are hoping it will be a successful as last year was. 

Checkmate Graded 8 Students In Jiu-Jitsu

28 November 2017

Eight Students from our club have been awarded with a higher belt in Jiu-Jitsu. We are proud to say that we have added two yellow belts,two orange belts,three green belts and a lower brown belt to our family.


These belts where awarded to our students after successfully completing the course of their training and preparation phase. This made them eligible to sit for the grading examination. After passing their exams they achieve a higher belt.

Well done to our newly graded students.

 Jiu-jitsu; Martia Arts; belts; team; malta
 Jiu-jitsu; Martia Arts; belts; team; malta

Pro MMA Competition Coming Up this November in Malta

28 September 2017


Every body get ready for some real MMA action!!

Centurion Fighting Championship is back giving again exposure to our Pro MMA Fighters. The fighters representing Checkmate Fight Club Malta will be Marilyn Micallef and Gary Formosa. Both fighters are Maltese and will be fighting at a professional level against experienced competitors.

So keep Saturday 4 November free and come see our fighters doing a great show.


See you at Corradino Sports Pavilion Paola for more information and tickets please contact us.


Seminar with Nas Alganga

09 May 2017

Checkmate Fight Club hosted a seminar held by Nas Alganga. He is a Black Belt under Roger Gracie teaching at Roger Gracie Academy.

He is a highly talented black belt, who competes at a high level and has years of experience in competing as well as teaching. Nas is a complete fighter.

It was an interesting seminar from which all students learnt a lot from this experience. Nas Alganga will be conducting another seminar at our club in the coming months.We wish to thank Nas again for joining us.

Nas Alganga seminar Jiu-jitsu no gi MMA

Centurion Fight Championship - 13 May 2017

12 May 2017

Centurion Fighting Championship has brought to Malta the first opportunity for Maltese MMA fighters to compete on a professional level. Fighters from all over Europe will be taking part in this event,which will be hosted here in Malta.

We have Gary Formosa representing Checkmate Fight Club.Our fighter is fully ready for his fight.We all wish him the best of luck.

Pro MMA malta Centurium fighting championship
Pro MMA malta Centurium fighting championship

New Belts at Checkmate

29 January 2017

We started the year with successful results!!


6 students from checkmate successfully completed their first phase of training in Jiu-Jitsu. That involves the achievement of becoming a yellow belt from  white belt. After meeting the required standard of training and showing a good moral character they where able to carry out their exam in order to achieve their belts. Well done to you all.

Jiu-jitsu malta belts

Back from Battle Arena 38

29 March 2016

Team Checkmate just returned from Battle Arena 38 held in UK.We are proud once again with amazing performances  given by our team members.This year we prepared 3 fighters from Checkmate Marilyn Micallef,Aimen Mabruk and Kotoku Kennedy.For Marilyn this was her second time competing in Battle Arena.For Aimen this was his first A class competition following  a C class in Malta last year and for Kotoku this was his very first fight.


Kotoku`s fighter already had 2 records however Kotoku managed to hold him for 3 rounds giving a splendid performance.The fight was stopped during the last minutes of the final round by referee's decision because of ground and pound, unfortunately Kotoku did not win his fight.Marilyn`s fight could not take place as her fighter was 9kg over the stipulated weight.Marilyn still wanted to get in the fight however ISKA representatives stopped her from competing for safety reasons as there where 2 weight class of difference.This shows the professionally of ISKA federation.We than had the shortest knockout of the event!! Amien knocked out his opponent during the first 32sec of the first round.He gave a wonderful performance from standing resulting in the shortest fight of the evening ended by an outstanding knockout.



Well done to our team you all trained had and implemented what you learnt at Checkmate.Keep up the good work.

Semi pro MMA battle arena Uk malta
Semi pro MMA battle arena Uk malta
Semi pro MMA battle arena Uk malta

Gary Fromosa winning a Local Fight in just 1minute 25seconds


The 19th March 2016 was a remarkable day for our fighter Gary Formosa and Checkmate. We took part in the EFC event held in Malta. Gary`s talent and had work paid off as he gave a wonderful throw to his opponent and than processed to a successful submission during the first 1 minute 25 seconds of the first round.


Well done to our fighter Gary Formosa.

MMA Malta

Taking part in a Local MMA Competition

An other success for team checkmate in an MMA competition; this time held in Malta. This was the first experience for both of our fighters.Vince Galea (picture to the right) won his match with a submission. Aimen Mabruk (picture to the left) successfully got the lead with points,allowing him to win his fight after just 2 months of training.


Well done to both of our fighters we are proud of you.

MMA Malta
MMA Malta

Honors in a full contact MMA competition


After months of intensive training,struggles and sacrifices the most awaited day has finally arrived.The 28th February 2015 was a memorable  one for Checkmate Fight Club.Four of our carefully selected fighters finally made there way to one of the most prestigious MMA cages in UK.Battle Arena is European MMA competition in which the Maltese fighters competed in full contact MMA 3x3 rounds.


With pride Checkmate`s fighters brought honours to our country.


Our first fighter to go was Jonathan Gerada, he competed under the A Class category being full contact MMA with ground and pound.During the first rounds Jonathan Gerada won his match against Dan Hall by means of a chock submission.


Our second fighter to get in the cage was Gary Formosa against Jonathan Robson,he was doing well but unfortunately during the second round he reopened a wound that he had before the competition and the referee had to call off the fight for safety reasons.


Later during the event our third fighter had her chance to compete,Marilyn Micallef  took part in the A Class category.She managed to take her opponent Tina Herber by means of an arm bar submission in 1 minutes 15 seconds of the second round.


Our late fighter to compete was Jake Desira who is just 16 yrs old (the youngest fighter in the whole event),held his 26yr old opponent Conran Kehoe for the whole 3x3 rounds.However his opponent had a more points than him in the end .


All Maltese fighters gave a great show and we should all be proud of our local talent.These results came due to hard training and sacrifices but as they say hard work pays off.One must also keep in mind the Battle Arena is host to some of the best fighters and MMA Clubs in Europe.Well done to all fighters taking part in this event the talent that there was last Saturday was amazing and one to watch.

Semi pro MMA battle arena Uk malta
Semi pro MMA battle arena Uk malta
Semi pro MMA battle arena Uk malta
Semi pro MMA battle arena Uk malta

Checkmate Fighters in a European MMA competition


Four of our fighters will be competing in a full contact MMA competition overseas, coming up on Saturday the 28th February 2015.This will be one tough competition but hard work pays off. They trained hard and dedicated hours to enhance their performance.


All members of the Club contributed to bring these four fighters to the level they are in today and we are all proud of them. So on behave of all the Club we wish them a very good luck.

Semi pro MMA battle arena Uk malta
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