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News from Checkmate

Jiu-Jitsu Training camp at Maestro Nas Alganga BJJ UK


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On the 8th October four students - Aleandro , Rowen , Sean and Iyvin and the head coach of Checkmate fight club Malta Sensei Charlo Spiteri went in an awesome jiu-jitsu training camp in Nas Alganga BJJ UK with a small group of experienced students in Jiu-Jitsu. The training camp consist in physical training, jiu-jitsu techniques and no-gi sparring.

Both GYM`s are happy with the performance of both students in this training camp.

An awesome results in Grappling competition held in Malta.



We wish to congratulate four of our students who took part in a local No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu competition this morning. We won 3 fights out of 4. Gabriel, Dejan, Ryan and Cihad we are proud of you. Keep up the work!!

We also wish to thank the Maltese organizers for inviting us and for the time they took to organize such a good event.

Ending 2021 with a good note.


Ending the year on a positive note. Today we had a total of 8 newly graded yellow belts. This is the first achievement in Traditional Jiu-Jitsu for these students. Keep your feet on the mats and keep rolling the more you take training seriously the more positive achievements you will get.


This was the last lesson for this year and will get back to normal on Monday 3rd January.

We wish all our students and followers a Merry Christmas and a year full of health and happiness.

Grading jiujitsu

Wins and more Wins !!!


Our athletes acheived great results in this evening's MMA event. We have no words that can describe how proud we are of the imapacable performance that all of our 3 students had during their fights.

Our first win for the night was done by Iyvin, winning with an outstanding rear naked chock in the first 20sec of the first round.

Secondly Mark did and great fight winning his fight with autonomous decision and hance the majority of the pionts were awarded to him.

Last but not least Aleandro gave an excellent performance against his opponent however his fight was stopped during the last seconds of the second round by the referee. Aleandro was still strong and performing perfectly when the referee desided to stop the match.

A huge well done goes to Ivyin Abdilla, Mark Bugeja, Aleandro Manicaro

Stay tuned for more!! You will surely see our fighters fight again in the near future.

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Mark Bugeja.jpg
Iyvin Abdilla.jpg

Well done to our students for new acheivements in traditional Jiu-Jitsu.


As our Jiu-Jitsu family expands; more of our students are being rewarded for their hard work and constant dedication towards this dicipline. Today 14 of our students got promoted to a higher belt in Traditional Jiu-Jitsu. These students successfully passed their grading exams and were promoted to their respective belt following constant training. The newly acheived belts range from yellow to green belt.

We wish to let our students know that we are so proud of all of them. Also we wish to encourage them to keep working hard to acheive more success and experiance in Traditional Jiu-Jitsu. It is our greatest pleasure to see so many young people getting interested in an art that has been passed on for many generations and changed the lives of many.

Let`s continue growing together!!

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A Successful BJJ Seminar From Professor Nas Alganga


A huge achievment in BJJ, eight students from our GYM were promoted in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu ( BJJ ) from the artist of Jiu-Jitsu Professor Nas Alganga. Our Professor came to visit us on 18th August 2021 and held a BJJ seminar at our GYM, during which the below mentioned students were promoted to Blue belt. 

Mr Mark Bugeja

Mr Jesse Micallef

Mr Andrea Scicluna

Mr Gabriel Caruana

Mr Dejan Briffa

Mr Aiden Cauchi

Mr Sean Borg

Mr Aleandro Manicaro

Another step forward in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu ( BJJ ) 

Welldone All.

Grading Exams in Traditional Jiu-jitsu


Our Jiu-Jitsu family is growing and becoming more experienced on the 27th of October, eleven students from Checkmate fight club Malta succefully passed their grading examinations with flying colours in Traditional Jiu-Jitsu, following months of practice.