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Join our One to One sessions 

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Our fitness training isn’t just another express club or “weight loss center”. We are a GYM and a Team where both men and women get fit and healthy by working smart as well as hard (and yes, weight loss and nicely toned muscles tend to follow). We focus on fitness programs that make you stronger and healthier – it’s that simple.

We value REAL results, and that’s why we break the mold with a combination of features with proven success:     




  • Great environment – spacious, appealing to the eye, clean, and with a wide array of equipment. A place where you actually want to work out in!                                                     

  • Option 1 - Personal Training - Where the class is made specifically for the client`s needs. We will target the areas where you wish to improve most. You get the option to choose the time and day of you classes depending on your schedule.                         

  • Option 2 - Group classes – Intense, fun and dynamic group classes so you can dive right in to your favorite workouts alongside others. We cater for beginners and advanced and we will guide you trough every exercise and technique as required.                                 





Evryone are welcome to joins us. We are here to help you improved you health and quality of life.


Surely you fit in there somewhere?


Come take advantage of our training options if its a personalised 1 to 1 class or with our fitness class. No membership required all you need is a towel, a bottle of water and a motivated mindset, we will take care of the rest and make it easy to get your burn on!

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